Locum Doctors for General Practice

Medical Jobs - Locum Doctors

It can be very stressful planning for team members absences, especially when they are sudden and unexpected. Not having a General Practitioner in your medical centre has an effect on your community of patients, other team members and ultimately your business bottom line. Finding suitable medical professionals to fill your vacancies as Locum Doctors can

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How to recruit a General Practitioner for Rural and Remote Towns

Medical Jobs - General Practitioner

The continuing shortage of high-quality General Practitioners across Australia has made the recruitment and retention of well rounded providers an arduous task at all Healthcare facilities. The issue most acutely impacts our nation’s rural and remote communities, however with the District Workforce Shortage restrictions Metropolitan areas are also widely affected. If you are the hiring

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5 Tips for Self Care

Medical Jobs - World Health Day

April 7th is World Health Day, which is a day to create global awareness for Universal Health Coverage, so we want to show our appreciation to World Health Organisation (WHO) for everything they do globally towards making health services universal. No one should have to choose between good health and other life necessities. Here are

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Researcher Says ‘Man Flu’ is Real

Medical Jobs in Australia

The Oxford Dictionary describes ‘Man Flu’ for a man with a common cold that exaggerates the severity of his symptoms. Men will be happy to know that ladies are losing ground to joke about ‘Man Flu’, as Dr Kyle Sue from the Memorial University Newfoundland in Canada conducted a literature review for the British Medial Journal, suggesting there

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