Do you know that employers spend less than 10 seconds scanning through applicants resume? How can a job applicant increase his/her chances in such a short time? With a Professionally Animated Video Resume.

Studies have proven that graphics and animations are more appealing to users and therefore people tend to spend more time watching an engaging and immersive video rather than browse through text content. With an animated video resume, you can capture your employers attention to leave lasting impression and stand out in the competition.

What do you get with Medhire’s Professional Resume Service?
  • A 60 seconds long engaging animated FULL HD video resume that showcases your skills, about yourself, your academics, achievements, aspirations and much more in single visual representation.
  • With background Music and SFX.
  • Up to 120 Words
  • Full HD (1080p)
  • To ensure all resume’s are unique, I customize each resume with additional animations and color swatches to make it quite different.
Our clients value the personal time and attention and the
brand-driven, tailored resumes, cover letters, and LinkedIn profiles they receive.

Let us help you land your dream job today!

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