Personality traits that are necessary to work in healthcare

By Marama Montgomery

If you are a recently qualified doctor or nurse or you are considering a job in healthcare, you may believe a qualification is all you need to start your career.

The healthcare industry is a rewarding, but demanding, place to work, so aside from the relevant qualifications, you must be able to show you have the correct character and personality traits to succeed in a healthcare role. Some of the necessary character traits include…


You would have quickly learnt at Medical School that being organised helped you cope with the demands of the study and course content.

Organisation can be seen as an umbrella term for many personal abilities such as the ability to keep time, meet deadlines and remember important dates.

As these three examples display, being organised when working in the healthcare industry is imperative. An organised individual will ensure everything is working to schedule and to the correct standard.
Being disorganised and dishevelled could mean the difference between life and death in some healthcare environments, therefore being organised is a very important attribute.


Although a job in healthcare can be referred to as a career, it is an industry that is not made for career climbing but is a predominately a sector based on helping people.

Some individuals choose to further their post graduate studies and follow a specialisation and others do not.
Whatever path you choose, you must be passionate about providing the best care for people to be successful in a healthcare role as the large amount of work, much of it complex and the unsociable hours can only be performed by someone who is passionate about their job.


Beside manner has a true meaning in healthcare.
To build on the previous point of being passionate, working in the healthcare sector also requires a good amount of compassion.

Patients and their families cannot be seen as numbers and must be respected as the individuals they are. If you are driven by compassion you can respect this and implement it into the level of care you provide.
We realise that contributing to positive health outcomes for your patient will always be your goal so compassion should be second nature to you.


There is a certain amount of self-belief and confidence that is necessary when working in healthcare.
You have to trust your knowledge and your instincts to provide the best level of care to patients and assure them that you can help.

If you believe you have the above criteria, the next step is to look for the right role for you.
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