Three Tips For Filling Your Healthcare Position From Out Of State.

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Marama Montgomery
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When recruiting for the healthcare industry it’s not always easy to find qualified candidates that are local. Hiring candidates from out of state is a practice that’s becoming more and more common in todays fast-paced job environment. However hiring out of state can come with it’s won set of complications.

While recruiting out of state isn’t impossible, there are still a few things you need to keep in mind. These three things to remember will help you make your out-of-state hiring process for your healthcare position go as smoothly as possible:

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  • You May Not Just Be Asking The Successful Applicant To Move.

A lot of the time, the successful candidate for any healthcare position will have other people to consider when they apply for a job out of state. They may have a significant other, or even a family. That’s why it’s important to have patience when they’re weighing up their options.

Don’t give them too much time (as you may never get your position filled), but completely relocating several people – especially children can be – a huge decision.

  • You’re Not Just Advertising A Job, But A New Home.

Sometimes, it can be hard convincing people to relocate – even if the job offer is amazing. They may need a little extra convincing, or to be reassured that the area that the job offer is in is different to their preconceived notions.

If you’re hiring specifically out of state, it can be beneficial to mention a little bit about the state or area that the position will be in. You need to showcase the area that the position is in so that people feel like they have more than one reason to relocate.

You can do this by adding a short paragraph about the lifestyle and culture of the area, or perhaps linking to external websites about the town or area.

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  • Keep The Process Moving Quickly

When a candidate applies for a healthcare or medical position out of state, they don’t want the process to be drawn out and lengthy. Of course, you still need to take the time to make sure the recruitment process is completed in full, but you don’t want the candidate to lose interest in the position altogether.

By ensuring the application & hiring process isn’t lengthy and drawn out, you’ll have a better chance of hiring the candidate you want. Not only that, you’ll be giving them the certainty they’ll need to know whether or not they’re packing up their life to move.

The healthcare industry is rapidly growing and always moving which is why it’s becoming more common to hire out of state. Recruitment is always a tricky thing but by utilising all the tools available to you & broadening your scope you’re sure to find the perfect jobseeker to fill your position.

Keeping these three simple things in mind will mean you can make the process of hiring out of state for your healthcare or medical position that much easier, and fill your position that much sooner.

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