Why you should be using social media to assist with your recruitment advertising and what benefits can it deliver

By Marama Montgomery
Medical Jobs

Have you ever noticed how many people are on their phones in public places? People of all ages are literally walking down the street looking at their phones.

With just about everyone on a social media combination of LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, are you making the most of this incredible resource in your advertising strategy or is it all too much trouble?

When you use social media to assist in your recruitment advertising you can reach those sought-after passive candidates.

Whilst an established niche job board is a solid first option in advertising your vacancies you are limiting your reach to those actively searching for new roles.

Social media is a great tool for expanding your exposure and tapping into that sought-after pool of potential highly skilled candidates, that is those who aren’t actively seeking but would be open to change if the right opportunity or relocation option came along.

When partnering with MedHire and advertising your role as a Campaign, MedHire develops a sponsored ad campaign across social media on your behalf, this allows you to target your vacancies to specific audiences.

An effective social media strategy involves building networks and interacting within groups. MedHire has been establishing these groups for the last 6 years so with a little direction, vacancies can be floated across the consciousness of passive candidates within targeted areas to Medical and Healthcare professionals.

You can also generate quality exposure by using other social media tools to target your vacancies, such as Twitter hashtags or asking those who currently work in a sector to share adverts to their connections.

It is also a great way of showcasing your company culture. By thinking smart and using social media your potential candidates are just a click away from your company website, bringing them into contact with your career opportunities and values as an employer. Long standing connections can be made that will benefit your recruitment process over the mid-to-long term.

Relationships are built over time in the Medical and Healthcare industry, whether it is a practitioner/patient one or an employer/service provider one. Therefore, constant subconscious awareness will assist you growing both your team and patient base.

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