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By Marama Montgomery
Medical Jobs Relocating

What’s really involved with job relocation?

Hi and welcome to part one the MedHire series where we answer the question…

“What’s Really Involved In Relocating For A Job In The Healthcare Industry?”

Let’s be honest, thinking about relocating for a Doctor, Nurse’s, Dental or other healthcare position and relocating requires some planning and thinking. So, in this post, we cover some of the basic points, questions and things to consider about relocating for a job in the healthcare industry, as this is our field of expertise.

Medical Job Relocation

  1. Is relocating for a healthcare position your idea or employers? For many of us, we thrive on the thrill, the unknown adventure and excitement of applying for a new healthcare position in another city, state or even country with a new employer.And for others, relocating is a case of being asked by their employer to head up a new team or new division or is even necessary in times of a company restructure.So while relocating your employment is exciting for those who have applied for positions on their own merit, for healthcare professionals who are asked to relocate by the employer the reactions and outcomes vary.
  1. Know why you want to relocate. Do you want to relocate for career advancement, to improve your skills or income or do you want to relocate for a change of lifestyle?Knowing and feeling good about why you are relocating is critical to the success of your transition and making your new rewarding, exciting and fulfilling. Knowing your ‘why’ will also keep pulling you towards your purpose as to why you moved on those moments you’re feeling homesick. 
  1. Who else does changing your healthcare employer affect? If you’re single moving to another state to take a nursing position, for example, it won’t be the end of the world except maybe for your closest friends and mum and dad.However if you have a family with children in school that can be a different matter. Some kids adapt better than others so before uprooting your family to follow your dreams, make sure you talk relocating over with all the people involved.

Job Relocation

    1. Are you able to visit the place before committing to relocating? If you’ve been asked to relocate by your employer you should be able to request a weekend visit at the very least to the location they want to transfer you to so you and your partner or family can check it out.While a weekend is nowhere as nearly long enough to check out your potential new town, it will give you some idea of the place especially if you make the time to speak with some of the locals.
    2. Will you like living there? Ah, the million dollar question which probably can only be answered once you’ve been living and working where you relocated to after 6 months. It takes time to settle in, learn the ropes and get to know the local spots only locals know about.


  1. Who pays for what when relocating your healthcare job?  Generally speaking, when it comes to the healthcare industry most employers will pay your relocating costs. Having said that, it will depend on you and your arrangement with your employer. As an example you may have been given a pay rise to relocate and the cost of relocating may have been built into that pay rise. Then the questions arise such as should your employer pay for your dog to fly on an airline and so on. So make sure you dot the ‘I’s and cross the ‘T’s on these issues in a calm and professional manner with your employer.

What are your experiences and thoughts?

Have any thoughts or experiences you’d like to share about what’s involved with relocating for a job in healthcare? We’d love to hear them so please leave your comments in the reply box below.


Okay for now lets leave it there. And keep an eye out for part two of our series on what’s really involved with relocating for a job in healthcare soon.

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What’s really involved with job relocation?

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