Relocating For A Job In Healthcare – Part 2

By Marama Montgomery
Medical Job Application

What you need to think about, plan for and consider when relocating for a job in the healthcare industry.

 Hi and welcome to part two of the MedHire article series where we answer the question…

 What you need to think about, plan for and consider when relocating for a job in the healthcare industry?

If you missed the first article from last week some of the questions we addressed and shed some light on included:

  • Is relocating for a healthcare position your idea or your employers?
  • Do you know “why” you want to relocate?
  • Who else does your relocating affect and so on.

You can read part 1 using the link at the bottom of this page.

Part 2 –

Medical Job Application

What you need to think about, plan for and consider when relocating for a job in the healthcare industry?

Q1. Is the healthcare position you’re considering relocating for the same role and conditions, better or worse?

While this may seem a given, you’d be surprised how many health employee’s do not ask these basic questions. This could be for any number of reasons however it’s crucial to ask and consider these issues before committing to relocating.

Q2. What happens if you do not like your new supervisor or boss?

As you can imagine giving up a current position where you love the work and the people you work with in the healthcare industry and taking off somewhere else to start again for some healthcare employee’s is easy, and for others more difficult.

There are many unknowns when relocating for a nursing, Doctor, surgical, Dentist or any position be it healthcare industry related or not.

Before making your final decision you need to know what will happen if you do not like your new healthcare working environment or your boss.

  • For example perhaps you can negotiate with your current employer a trial period where you can come back to your old position if the new position or relocation does not work out?

Q3. Applying for a new healthcare position with a new healthcare employer? Discover more about them using social media.

These days you can find out a lot about a business and the people working there through social media. From Facebook to LinkedIn and everything in between you can do a search and see what current and past employee’s have to say, how the company you’re considering employment with is positioned, and what their culture is.

Q4. Is the medical role you’re applying for a newly created position or existing?

If it is an existing role ask what is the retention rate for that position has been?

As uncomfortable as it may be, it’s always a good idea to ask what the retention rate is for the medical position you’re considering relocating for.

If the position has been applied and filled by quite a few people before you in a short amount of time, it’s a red flag.

It could be a warning sign that something in the position, management or chain of command or business is not quite right if people keep applying and leaving after a short time.

Q5. Go with your instincts – Your first impression is usually the right one!

Of course we all have instincts, which will carry you far in life, love, career or business. So listen to your gut instincts and if it’s “yep lets go for it” as opposed to “hell no” then you know what you need to know.

Your first impressions are usually the right ones!

Any experiences and thoughts to share about relocating for a healthcare position?

If you have any tips, thoughts or experiences you’d like to share about what’s involved with relocating for a job in the healthcare industry, the MedHire readers would love to hear about. So please leave your comments in the reply box below.


While many nurses, doctors and thousands of other healthcare professionals across Australia are happy to relocate for their career, just as many are not which is 100% understandable.

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