How to effectively reach quality candidates for your medical jobs

By Marama Montgomery
Medical Jobs

How to effectively reach quality candidates for your medical jobs

From my former life as a medical recruiter, I know how frustrating and time consuming it is to seek out effective, qualified and experienced candidates for so many vital positions across the medical, healthcare and dental professions.

The use of non industry specific recruitment job board websites to promote healthcare and medical jobs can easily lead to your job postings simply disappearing into a myriad of such vacancies.

It becomes difficult, often impossible, for those looking for the positions you are seeking to fill to identify your precious wheat from the general chaff! Time might even be wasted by random individuals applying when they are utterly inappropriate for the role…. trust me this does happen….. I advertised on one of those non specific job boards only to have a plumber and a mechanic apply for a General Practitioner advertisement. On another occasion I had several customer service and school leavers apply, clearly having no idea what they were applying for. This experiment cost me $465.00 each time and I never ended up attracting a Doctor.

This is where cost effective MedHire truly delivers

We offer you a medical, dental and healthcare industry specific job search engine – the only one exclusively covering Australia, New Zealand and the UK. Over the last six years, we have conscientiously built this resource for you and your industry. A resource that can deliver precisely the scope of candidates you require.

Each month, more than thirty thousand pairs of such eyes view our MedHire site. Some do so speculatively, examining the range of possibilities for the next stage of their career, or a change of working environment or geographical location. Others are actively seeking a defined role. Both provide a terrific resource to meet your recruitment needs in specific job areas.

Allowing you just the type and level of job promotion you require

Our simple and swift MedHire Listing Packages allow you to promote jobs whenever you wish to, through your user friendly dashboard. Candidate responses are quickly delivered directly to your email or you can also view and respond direct from your MedHire dashboard.

To meet more specific recruitment objectives across a chosen period, a member of our talented and experienced team can work with you to create a unique campaign, including the use of our LinkedIn and Facebook portals. This delivers a campaign that is clearly targeted to specific medical, healthcare or dental professionals. Job seekers can swiftly access your job vacancy ads across all devices, from laptop to tablet, desktop to mobile phone. See for yourself now by visiting

Talk to our MedHire team today

You may have questions to ask, possibilities to discuss, or urgent recruitment needs to deal with. Please contact us now for a no obligation conversation on any of these areas. You can reach us by either emailing us or calling 1300 633 150.

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