Potential Candidates are looking for the low down without engaging in gossip

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Marama Montgomery
Medical Jobs - Potential Candidates

Attracting the right people to your vacancy and your team can be a challenge in any industry.

In some instances, within the specialised Medical and Healthcare industries it poses an even bigger challenge to attract talent due to workforce restrictions and skill shortages.

The fact is, there are many Healthcare businesses and organisations out there that do the same thing as yours, particularly if you are a Medical Centre, Radiology Clinic, Pathology Lab, Allied Health Service or a Pharmacy.
On the surface it’s a much of a muchness.

Your brand makes you unique

One way to differentiate yourself from competitors and stand out to potential new employees is through your brand. Your brand is what makes you unique.

The perceived strength of your brand can have potential hires knocking on your door or avoiding you like the plague.
So how do you increase a positive awareness of your brand, and not just your healthcare services?

Believe it or not, your presence online plays an integral part in this.

Both patients and new team members are inclined to check Google reviews, research your social media interaction, your community partnerships, your relevant contribution to the healthcare industry and your website before either party even considers engaging with you.

Even if you have 1 or 2 bad reviews (lets face it sometimes patients complain about appointments running late, not your service being substandard, basically – them being inconvenienced). Potential candidates will read, look for and evaluate the professionalism in your response. It is therefore best to respond to all reviews versus not respond at all, even if the negative comments frustrate you

Nurture your Online content

You want your online content to be professional and informative about what your brand and organisation represents, the quality of service and patient outcomes you deliver, the culture of your organisation and anything else that you feel will resonate with not only your new team members but anyone reading it.

This may all seem overwhelming.
I know in our industry we are still using fax machines, heck, some practitioners are still hand writing prescriptions and patient progress notes – but the digital era is beating our doors down and it is here to stay.

We need to embrace it and utilise it smartly to increase brand awareness and attract quality staff members to further our individual organisations and grow the healthcare industry as a whole.Gone are the days when all you needed to do was place a “situations vacant” classified in the local paper.

My Mum had an employment agency in the 1970’s and I used to hear her phoning adds in before the deadline. Back then, you paid per word and column width, so they were short and not every informative unless her client had a big advertising budget. Most of the time they were “job title”, “hours required” and “contact details” not much more.

Surprisingly, some employers today think that is all that is required to advertise for a new person. Then they blame the advertising platform for lack of suitable response, saying that “advertising does not work.” Employers need to take responsibility for how potential candidates may be perceiving them.

As an industry we talk about “duty of care”, please do yourself a favour and show those reading about your available position THAT YOU CARE…. About THEM and the Company you are representing.

Your attraction strategy should go beyond your vacancy advert

Appropriate vacancy advertising coupled with quality online brand awareness along with an insight as to what it is like to work with you is the beginning of a winning formula.

Your candidates are searching for how it feels to work for you, what the general public think of you and how you act in response. They are looking for the low down without engaging in gossip.

It might feel a little like being spied on. In theory it is. You are shining a spotlight on your organisation and doing everything it takes to entice the right talent through your door.

The goal for any business in any industry should be to show the world, you are a superb place to work, you deliver a quality service and / or products and working within your organisation will enhance everyone’s lives and careers.

Nine times out of 10 all healthcare employers have a value proposition on offer, yet they still struggle to find suitable applicants. Perhaps you just are not explaining what’s on offer effectively. You need to paint a picture, appeal to emotion, be genuine and explain the benefits of working with your company to seduce them out of where they are in order to bring them to your door.

Talent is definitely out there, both passively and actively seeking new opportunities and change. Now might be the time to step outside your comfort zone, explore other options, then apply those methods to develop your attraction strategy.

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