3 of Australia’s Most Popular Healthcare Careers (Part 2)

By Oliver Bowers
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Following from part one of this series, posted a couple of weeks ago, we’re bringing you part two of Australia’s most popular healthcare careers.

After all, careers in the healthcare field are always in high demand. Below you’ll find three more of Australia’s most popular healthcare careers for those considering a career in healthcare, or want to make use of the skills they have with a change of direction.

Of course, the careers listed below are in no particular order of popularity or importance.

  1. 1. Clinical Nurse

 Clinical nurses are a vital part of the hospital system. Working with other hospital staff, such as doctors, clinical nurses strive to provide the best possible – and highest standard of – care in their hospitals.

This path is so poplar because no two days are the same. Clinical nurses work across a range of wards and because of this are always meeting new patients with different needs.

Common duties for clinical nurses can include administering medicine, tending to and comforting patients, and leading other support staff that may be working in the wards.

  1. 2. Home Health Aide

For those wanting to work in a more personal environment, a home health nurse is someone who provides care for a person who needs help with daily activities. Working in a home environment, home health aides work with patients who need assistance for a variety of reasons, such as age, illness or disability.

Typically, a home care aide assists with tasks like feeding, moving and bathing, and are also typically responsible for duties like monitoring vital signs. A home health aide may also be tasked with helping with other household tasks such as cleaning or laundry.

The popularity of home health aides stems from the very personal aspect of the job, allowing an aide to get to know their patient and develop a relationship, which in turn allows them to provide a better level of care.

  1. 3. Certified Nurse Assistant

You may know certified nursing assistants by their other names – orderlies, nursing aides, or attendants.

A certified nursing assistant can work in many different environments, including private & nursing homes and hospitals. Similar to a home health aide, certified nursing assistants help with such duties as dressing, bathing, and assistance with feeding.

Certified nurse assistants can also administer medications, monitor vital signs, and in a hospital setting, be responsible for the stripping and resetting of wards so that they’re ready for new patients.

All three of these roles are vital in the healthcare system and take a lot of dedication and care, however the rewards of helping others are great. If you’re looking for a career in healthcare or wanting to change direction, then make sure you consider these three options.

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