Six job options for OT graduates in Australia

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Marama Montgomery
OT jobs

6 job options for OT graduates in Australia

OT jobs in Australia are available for those looking for graduate positions or more autonomous roles across various locations in Australia.

There is a wide range of medical jobs in Australia and being an Occupational Therapist (OT) is one of them. OTs are required to provide therapy to individuals with deprived functionality caused by an illness or a disability. They work to help people restore their independent lives. Working in this field entails assessing the person and helping them set realistic rehabilitation goals. Here are six job options for OT graduates.

1. Private or public hospitals

You can choose to practise either in a public or a private medical facility. The specialities include neuro, ortho, mental, or aged care. You may be required to work 40 hours a week on a full-time basis, or you could be hired as a part-time OT.

2. Private practice

In private practice, you can decide to work solo or be part of a larger team. You can also have an arrangement where you share centralised admin support. The admin can then direct clients to either the hand or paediatrician OT’s office, depending on their ailment and your special interest or training.

3. Sales

You can specialise in selling OT pharmaceuticals or medical equipment. Disability or mobility equipment may involve installation, and you could also partake in offering the service.

4. Occupational rehabilitation

Motor vehicle accident clients and injured workers may require rehabilitation back to their daily work. You may be required to work as a one-off assessment or an end-to-end case-management. Notably, you could work at the insurance company, the rehab provider, or at the final employer’s site.

5. Aged care

As a graduate, it can be challenging to work with the vulnerable population; especially without the mentorship of a senior OT. You can first undertake a practicum placement or volunteer at an Aged Care Facility to understand the field better.

6. Community work

You can deliver OT services at the community centre or the client’s home. Consultancy, assessment, equipment prescription, and home modifications are among the services you may be required to offer.

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