How to get a medical job in Australia

By Marama Montgomery
Medical Jobs

Working in the medical profession can be a highly rewarding career choice. It can also provide opportunities for moving abroad to countries like Australia.

If you’re an international medical graduate and you’re looking to move to Australia, various healthcare and medical roles are on the list of eligible skilled shortage occupations being looked for by the Australian Government when assessing visa applications.

Whether you are a recent graduate or an established professional looking for a new challenge, by practicing abroad you will be expanding your professional experience as well as having the opportunity to explore the varied and beautiful country of Australia!

Apply for the correct registration

If you are looking for a medical job in Australia, whether as an International Medical Graduate (IMG) or Australian Citizen, you will need to be registered according to your training with the appropriate National Board.

This can be a complex process dependant on your occupation, your trained speciality or healthcare discipline. It is very important to do some research into requirements prior to making the decision to relocate, especially from overseas. Some roles will require recognition of prior learning as well as assessment and any role for a Medical Practitioner will need to have completed internship at the very minimum.

All 15 National Boards are overseen by the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency, otherwise known as AHPRA. Being registered in Australia makes you more attractive to potential employers, but gaining registration is a lengthy process. There may be additional examinations and assessments you need to take. You will need to check with each board to ascertain what is required to obtain registration.

Choose your location

The next step is to decide where you would like to be based. Are you looking for the bright lights of a major city, a hospital, medical centre in a smaller town, or a rural adventure in the Outback?

Cities such as Sydney and Melbourne can be a fantastic base with excellent infrastructure and a higher density of potential jobs.

However, getting out into the more remote areas of the country can provide you with unique experiences and the opportunity to experience the real Australian landscape.

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