How to make sure your Healthcare Job Vacancy shows up in Search Engine results

By Marama Montgomery

How to make sure your healthcare job vacancy shows up in Search Engine results

Spending time writing a health and medical job advertisement can be a drag, difficult even.  Many employers set out to write a job post only to find out they are using the same boring job ads over and over.

Unsurprisingly, they get the same low number of lackluster job applicants responding to theses job ads.

That’s where we at MEDHIRE come in….

Once you have the basic job description ready, there are many ways to optimise your online job post yourself. Although when utilising a medical industry specific job board like MEDHIRE, we will ensure your job posting or ad is optimised for you.

If you want to have a competitive edge, writing your job ad title and description is extremely important. But, that’s only the beginning of some of the tricks to create the most sticky job posts.

Be visible in as many health job seeker searches as possible

If you are hiring for the healthcare and medical industry, you are likely writing and posting job ads and using online job boards like MedHire.

Regardless of where you advertise, the first step to getting the most out of your online ads is to make sure you are visible in as many health related job searches as possible.

It’s important to remember that you are competing with hundreds or maybe thousands of similar jobs. Particularly if you are trying to recruit for GP jobs or other highly skilled speciality’s.

Follow these job ad writing strategies to guarantee maximum search visibility

1. Put the Role in the Title

We have to sit back and think as a job seeker. The typical behaviour is to begin by searching job boards for the type of position they want to be hired for.

Most job boards use exact matching for their search algorithm. This means that your job listing will only show if the title or description contains the exact terms the candidate typed into the search box. Therefore it is important to have the right title, so a candidate can find you.

MedHire has purposely included job search categories so it is easier to be found on our site, than it is on other sites like Indeed, CareerOne, Adzuna and SEEK.

However you also want your MedHire ad to be found on Google. Which is why we optimise your Job postings for you. This will help your job advertisement come up in organic Google and Bing searches.

This is part of our standard service for all Campaign and Featured Listing advertisers. We go the extra mile and have an expert dedicated team member review and edit any changes needed to provide you with the best results.

2. Use the Most Common Terms to Specify the Role

You want to make sure you use the most common terms to refer to a position in your job ad.

  • Don’t reinvent the role…..

For example, if you are hiring for an “General Practitioner”, don’t instead use “Family Doctor”.

  • Because using something like “Family Doctor” will automatically cut your search traffic by a significant factor.

You will have plenty of other chances to be creative with you job advertisement. BUT you can’t afford to be creative here (in the title). You’ll be setting yourself up for failure.

If you have any doubt about what words to use to describe the role, you can use this simple trick.

Head over to Google’s Keyword Planning and enter all the possibilities into the tool to check the search volume.

The version with the highest search volume is your best bet (see example below).

Try this technique with a job on MedHire

3. Make Sure to Properly Space Your Title

In both of the examples above, it is much better to add a space between the slash and the words rather than cram everything together.

There’s two big reasons.

  • The first is that having the space makes the titles more readable.

If you are quickly scanning a bunch of job listings, the slash can get lost. To the reader, the title may appear messy, causing them to move onto something that’s more easily digestible.

  • Second, some job boards and Google will consider “non VR/VR GP” as a single search term rather than as two independent words.

This is bad…..

You have such precious little real estate in your title to begin with; you can’t afford to be missing out on potential candidate searches because part of your title is never going to match any queries.

4. Use Keywords

You want people to find your job listing.

There’s often many ways to refer to a specific position: medical administrative assistant, medical admin assistant, medical secretary, healthcare assistant, medical reception and so forth. These are all essentially the same job. You want your listing to show up regardless of the search term the candidate uses.

This is why it’s essential that you do a little “keyword tagging ” into your health job ad description (or body). Without over doing it to help make it more find-able.

We ALL want your ad to be found on Google so as part of the MEDHIRE job board there is an option to add “tags” to your job posting. This is where you should put everything that you think your potential candidate would be searching on. Particularly the “passive candidate” .

Example – If it is a radiology job, then tag words like Mammogram, xray, hospital, radiology, scan, ultra sound, breast lump, cyst, urology, cardio, fracture, sports injury……

Be innovative …. Think outside the square.

No one is going to read through a mishmash of tagged keywords, but your ad copy should contain everything that you want to have your ad show up for on Google. Remember the goals!

1. to be found

2. to entice passive job seekers to consider dipping their toe in the water and calling you or applying online.

3. To get Qualified and relevant Job seekers to apply to your position

MEDHIRE Medical and Healthcare Job Board and Job Search Engine was custom designed to automatically take care of most the work for you. So you don’t have too, this helps widen your applicant funnel – and you need to look at it like a funnel.

Try this with your next job ad and you will absolutely maximise the number of times you show up in healthcare job seeker searches.

Those elusive medical and healthcare job seekers are out there. Other healthcare organisations are attracting them, its now time you did too.

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