Five reasons to try Nursing in the Outback

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Marama Montgomery

The Australian outback is a land of open spaces, majestic landmarks and tightly knit communities. While some people wonder how they will handle the isolation, nursing in the outback can be an incredibly rewarding and enriching experience. Here are five reasons why.

1. See the real Australia

Nursing in the Outback will take you to places you might not normally go. In Coober Pedy, South Australia, you’ll find the biggest opal mining town in the world. Meanwhile, in Birdsville, Queensland, you’ll get to join thousands of people at the famous September races. On your days off, go exploring national parks, deserts, lakes and renowned landmarks, such as Uluru.

2. Experience a sense of community

Australia’s far-flung towns are so far away from any others, there’s no hiding. When you go Nursing in the Outback, you get to be an important part of a small community. You can expect people to call you by name, stop for a yarn in the street and take a genuine interest in how you’re going.

3. Giving help where it’s needed

If no one ever went nursing in the outback, millions of Australians would have to go without medical care – or they’d have to pay exorbitant amounts of money travelling to regional centres or cities. When you choose to work in a remote area, you can rest assured that you’re helping people who really need you.

4. Learning about culture

Depending on where you work, you might get the amazing opportunity to learn about Australia’s Indigenous culture. More than 40,000 years old, it’s the oldest living culture in the world, rich with storytelling, art, dance, music and deep knowledge of the Australian landscape.

5. Loads of perks

Employers are well aware that relocating isn’t always easy. So they offer rewards to those who do. Many will pay for your travel and heavily subsidise your accommodation and food. Some jobs also offer higher wages and extra tax breaks. If you’re thinking of applying for nursing in the outback, don’t be afraid to ask about what’s on offer.

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