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By Marama Montgomery
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Five benefits of being a doctor in Australia

Moving to another country to live and work can be challenging, but at the same time, being a doctor in Australia might be just the most enriching, rewarding experience you’ll ever have.

Here are five reasons to consider making the big move – from high salaries and high living standards to cutting-edge research facilities, Australia has a lot to offer all Doctors at all levels of their career and Specialist field.

1. Salaries are high 

Being a doctor in Australia could well mean earning more than you do in your own country. The typical General Practitioner (GP) earns anywhere between $250,000 and $450,000 AUD per year, depending on if you bulk bill through the Government Medicare system or privately bill your patients. Specialists and Consultants often can earn more and work less hours, as they generally are paid by patients privately or through Private Insurance or Private Health Funds.

There are also State and Federal Government incentives for working in rural and remote locations.

2. Diverse opportunities 

Would you like the experience of working in a remote outback community? Have you dreamed about running a practice in a friendly country town? How about living in a city where you can spend your time off swimming at pristine beaches? Being a doctor in Australia means having plenty of choice. Australia is an enormous country with a diverse variety of cities, towns and lifestyle possibilities. Opportunities are abundant and Medical Jobs across all specialty’s can be found on MedHire.

3. Innovative medical research and discoveries

Throughout history, Australia has led the way on numerous medical research projects and discoveries. Just some of the breakthroughs that Australia has given to the world are the electronic pacemaker, the bionic ear and the ultrasound scanner. Being a doctor in Australia means being part of an exciting, forward-thinking medical scene. If you want to study or undertake research, you’ll find world-class institutions and facilities at your fingertips.

4. Living standards are exceptional

Thanks to an abundance of natural resources, a small population (in comparison to other countries) and a high level of wealth, Australians enjoy exceptionally high living standards. Even if you live in a major city, you’ll be close to national parks, beautiful beaches and expansive landscapes. Public services include free education and free healthcare.

5. Variety of cultural experiences 

Australia is a truly multicultural nation. People from all over the world – from China to Brazil to Italy – live here in peace. What’s more, being a doctor in Australia could mean opportunities to experience Australia’s rich indigenous culture, which is the oldest living culture in the world.

If living and working in Australia is of interest to you, consider applying for medical jobs in Australia – either in a metropolitan city, a regional town or in remote communities in the Northern Territory, South Australia, Queensland  or Western Australia. MedHire is Australia’s leading Healthcare and Medical Job Search Engine.

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