The Role of a Credentialed Diabetes Educator

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Diabetes Education jobs

Are you one of the many health professionals that have recognised that there is a growing number of people with poorly managed Diabetes and are you considering furthering your study and knowledge to assist these clients and patients by becoming a Credentialed Diabetes Educator?

Perhaps you might be thinking about expanding your current career into something else and are not sure which path to take but know you are passionate about Helping people with Diabetes.

Here is a glance into the role of a CDE. More information can be researched and obtained through the Diabetes Australia website or the ADEA portal.

What is a Credentialed Diabetes Educator?

A Credentialed Diabetes Educator (CDE) is a health professional who has comprehensive knowledge of and experience in diabetes prevention, diabetes management and pre-diabetic conditions.

They are specialists in diabetes and passionate about helping patients. A CDE is a health professional who has completed their further study in order to focus their efforts on helping people with diabetes to self-manage their diabetes effectively and prevent complications.

The role of a Diabetes Educator is to educate, support and advocate people affected by diabetes, they address the stages of diabetes throughout the lifespan of the disease. They optimise health outcomes by promoting self-management to achieve individualised behavioural and treatment goals that reduce risks and optimise health outcomes.

Oftentimes they are the first point of call when a patient is wanting more information, support and/or motivation in the management of diabetes and are the link between patients, GP’s and other health professionals. They also have in-depth knowledge of all aspects of diabetes and can recognise when you need to see other members of your healthcare team, for example, an optometrist or podiatrist.

In Australia, the Credentialed Diabetes Educator course is offered by most Universities. If you already have a primary health discipline, and you are a nurse, podiatrist, exercise physiologist, dietitian etc. you can complete the course in 6 months full-time or 12 months part-time.

Once you are qualified as a CDE, there are a variety of work environments that have Diabetes Educator roles available as part of their multidisciplinary team. Some people choose to work in one or a mixture of hospitals, community centres and in private practice.

Whichever environment you choose to work in, the need for more Diabetes Educators across rural, regional and metropolitan Australia is evident.

How Ingrid in Far North Queensland grew her career

As a Registered Nurse in FNQ Ingrid realised that there was so much more she could to do to educate people in her community if she extended her studies and became a Credentialed Diabetes Educator. Coupled with her already successful career as an RN meant she could expand her services to a wider range of people who desperately needed her help.

After working in General Practice, Indigenous Community Health Centres and Schools, Ingrid decided to start her own mobile Diabetes Education Service business – Diabetes And Health Solutions in 2013.

Recognising that there was a high number of diabetes clients who were struggling with managing their condition, she became passionate about “bringing education to the people”.

She now works throughout 15 different locations in FNQ.

By building solid relationships with GP practices, Ingrid has a consistent workload via referrals. Over the past 4yrs, she has also been working with CheckUp to provide Allied Health Services to Aboriginal Medical Services providers in FNQ. CheckUp is a federally funded program to help Close the Gap on Indigenous Health.

Diabetes and Health Solutions also provides Dietetic services in Cairns. These clinics are held once a month. Additionally, group sessions are available which focus on prevention of chronic conditions and Type 2 Diabetes adding variety to Ingrid’s role as a CDE with a holistic approach.

As a Diabetes Educator, she consults with clients one on one to ensure they have a full understanding of

  • What diabetes is
  • How diabetes can progress
  • The complications that can occur if clients don’t engage in self-care
  • What blood glucose levels mean
  • The importance of healthy eating and exercise in managing diabetes
  • What medications are available to help support clients when their diabetes does progress

Ingrid is passionate about the health of people living in FNQ and aims to build her business to provide more allied health services, in order to help clients manage not only their physical health but their emotional wellbeing as well.

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