How to Attract Active and Passive Medical Job seekers

By Marama Montgomery
Medical Jobs

The very first medical centre I owned the solo Doctor was approaching 70 years old and had no interest in learning to use a computer, let alone understand the workings of medical practice software.

We still had patient files in manila folders and filing cabinets. Initially it was extremely difficult to attract a new GP to that clinic with the fear of them having to decipherer his hand written and vague notes and then start developing new history for patients he had been looking after for 30 years…. Does any of this sound familiar?

My business partner at the time would post ads online with the bare minimum of words eg. “GP needed call me phone xxx xxx xxxx” believing that a potential candidate wouldn’t bother reading anything about why working for us would enhance their career or how we could further develop their special interest, the lifestyle balance we could offer, details about our practice, our plans for growth, our location, our point of difference or our community of patients. This approach resulted in attracting no one and our business never grew.

Just because your medical facility may still be using a fax machine to obtain results, discharge summaries or specialist consult reports doesn’t mean you should under estimate the online footprint the talent you are trying to attract has. These days medical professionals spend time online researching all sorts of things including their next career move.

Now more than in the past it is paramount that your advertising for a new team member for your Medical and Healthcare facility is well thought out and targeted.

When creating an attraction strategy you need to realise the importance of promoting your vacancy the same way as you would market your clinical services, that is if you want to keep the competitive edge.

In addition to just putting a classified ad on your relevant College or Member Association website, there are different strategies that your medical facility can apply in order to attract both active and passive candidates.

1.) Have an online advertising presence that highlights your growth vs your staff turnover. It is better to use a Medical industry Job Search Engine instead of a generic job board.

You want to attract Medical Professionals, not people applying randomly because they have a Centrelink quota to meet…. Trust me it happens…. Unqualified people apply for clinical roles all the time on generic jobs boards. You’re looking for experts – use an industry specific platform like MedHire who will extend your reach to your target audience for you.

2.) To have a thriving medical business and safe guard against a sudden gap in your team you should watch out for talent constantly. Building good relationships in advance before a job opportunity might arise will make it easier to persuade a passive candidate to consider a change in the future.

3.) Create a “recruiting culture” within your existing team. Every clinical team member in your facility knows medical colleagues from either University or other jobs they have held or personal networks. It is in their best interest to refer colleagues to your facility as it ultimately keeps their role safe and allows your business to grow. You can even incentivise them with gift vouchers to encourage them to help you.

4.) Research and watch the trends of online appointments and reviews of key medical practitioners in your local area and other medical facilities. This will give you insight to understand how these potential candidates will add value to your business instead of desperately grabbing the first Doctor that applies for your role. Connect with these people on social media

5.) You can ask for referrals from your local pharmacy (they know most prescribers well) or local allied health professionals and specialists that you refer your patients to …. but don’t ask “Do you know someone who is looking for a job?” instead ask “Do you know someone with xyz skills?”

6.) Organise informal networking events. These can be beneficial for both parties in which everyone can network and share ideas, meet their colleagues etc. Build relationships with these people without putting too much pressure on them and see what eventuates.

7.) Every time you come across some candidates’ references consider also those as potential hires as well.

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