Advantages Of Advertising Your Healthcare Job Online.

By Marama Montgomery
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When it comes to advertising your healthcare job or medical job vacancy. There is nothing faster, or more cost effective, that has more reach than advertising them on online job board platforms.

In fact, industry and niche specific job board platforms are proving to be an extremely effective recruitment tool. Both in Australia and across the globe for a variety of reasons.

Speaking from our own experience, healthcare organisations and employers who use our healthcare job board platform love being able to advertise and post their medical job vacancies. Irrespective of their size, location or specialist medical field we are able to help them attract talent.

With this in mind, here are five advantages to consider when it comes to posting your healthcare job vacancy online.

Advantage 1.

Posting your healthcare job vacancy online is fast

Gone are the days where you worked with a newspaper to write your job vacancy or “situations vacant” as they were known. Not to mention, the time consuming and sometimes costly edits of going back and forth with changes.

These days posting a healthcare job vacancy online is as easy and fast as making a cup of coffee. (Well in most instances).

 Advantage 2.

Online Healthcare Recruitment Is Cost-Effective

Another advantage of posting your healthcare job vacancy online is it is extremely affordable especially when you compare it to the cost of a placing an ad in the newspaper, an industry magazine or similar printed publications or other medias.

Advantage 3.

Get More Exposure & Reach by Posting Your Healthcare Job Online

Another benefit for medical recruiters and healthcare organisations, who are looking to recruit healthcare talent online, is that more people will see your job posting or vacancy in more places.

Especially when you post your medical job vacancy with MEDHIRE. We ensure extending your reach by sharing among our own database of healthcare job seekers as well as our large specifically targeted social media groups.

Plus, an even bigger advantage is that if someone sees your medical job vacancy posted online and has a friend, colleague or someone they think may be interested, they’ll share your medical job vacancy with them and other people via their social media for you.

Advantage 4.

Using a Generic Job Platform Posting versus Industry Specific Job Board Platforms

While there is no shortage of great generic online job posting platforms to choose from if the position you have is industry or niche specific a better strategy may be to use an industry specific job-posting platform or job board.

For example, here at MEDHIRE we’re the only global job board or job search platform exclusively for medical and healthcare professionals. That’s what we do. We look after one niche, one industry.

We are experts in guiding our medical and healthcare organisations, who post their jobs to attract the talent they require.

Our entire focus is

  1. We help healthcare organisations advertise and find the right talent to assist in their company’s growth
  2. We help people looking for employment in the healthcare industry by alerting them to relevant specialisation job postings.

Which is precisely why medical and healthcare organisations of all sizes and specialisations place their vacancy as a job posting on our website.

They TRUST us to help.

Both healthcare job seekers and employers love that we’re healthcare and medical industry and niche specific.

Healthcare employers and medical recruiters who advertise and post their job vacancies with us know that we are ONLY focused on targeting job seekers with the specific experience and skills in THEIR industry

It also means that healthcare organisations advertising their employment opportunities online with job platforms such as MEDHIRE will reduce wasted time, energy and money on the overall recruitment process due to the fact that more of the right type of job seekers will apply.

Advantage 5.

Change Your Online Healthcare Job Listing Fast

One of the biggest advantages of posting your healthcare job vacancy or any other job listing on an online job board platform is that you can change your job vacancy ad in a matter of minutes not weeks (like in print and newspaper formats) which can be really handy for advertisers.

You can also easily remove it once your vacancy is filled and have complete control over your job postings.

With MEDHIRE You can log into your account, edit your job posting and you’re done in a matter of minutes.

Of course irrespective of whether it is a generic job posting platform or an industry specific job board platform such as MEDHIRE, you can usually advertise your healthcare job vacancy for different time frames. You do not have to plan days or weeks in advance.


When it comes to advertising your healthcare job vacancies online in an industry specific job board platform, as opposed to a generic job board platform there are many advantages.

You can advertise your healthcare job vacancy to attract the right job seekers with the skills and qualifications you desire.

It’s faster and easier and you can edit your healthcare job listing in minutes. You’ll also save time and money and speed up the entire healthcare recruitment process.

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MEDHIRE is THE leading Medical and Healthcare Job Board TRUSTED by Healthcare Job Seekers and Employers. MEDHIRE is the only global job search platform exclusively for medical and healthcare professionals.

We have a genuine desire to assist you in reaching exactly what you want to achieve, such as finding the perfect candidate for medical positions you have available or employment in the medical industry for yourself.

The MEDHIRE brand has been part of the medical industry for almost 20 years in various capacities – and our database of both active and passive medical employers and job seekers has the depth needed to put your Healthcare Job posting in front of the right job seekers.


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