5 Advantages Of Advertising Your Healthcare Jobs Online.

By Marama Montgomery
Healthcare Job Advertising

A few weeks ago we posted an article about the advantages of advertising your healthcare job online and people asked if we had any others so here’s part two in our series on the advantages of advertising your healthcare jobs online.

Advantage 1.


More Longevity Than Printed Media

A major setback of advertisements in newspapers and other printed media is they have a very short lifespan. It depends on the publishing cycle, but most publications are posted bi-weekly, which means yours ad won’t be seen for very long at all.

However, online job posts don’t have any set time limit, they stay online until the author or website takes it down. Plus it’s a whole lot cheaper but we’ve already talked about that in our last blog.

 Advantage 2.

Greater Appeal to Job Seekers With Dynamic Posting.

Posting your healthcare recruitment posts online leads to many more creative possibilities to help appeal to job seekers. Whether it’s on a website or via social media, using technology says a lot about your company and will help attract an ideal candidate quicker – instead of people that don’t understand what your business or company is about.

Advantage 3.

More Bang For Your Buck.

Online recruitment brings you a wider audience, bringing you closer to reaching your ideal applicant for your health care position. And unlike printed media, applicants can apply for your roles 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

This will of course bring you more applicants to choose from, which means more for what you’re spending.

Advantage 4.


An Open and easy way to communicate with applicants.

It’s hard finding a successful applicant for your job position/s especially in healthcare, and it’s even harder finding an easy way to communicate and keep in contact with the applicant to make sure they’re qualified and right for role.

With online recruitment there’s no shortage of ways to communicate with applicants whether it’s through emails, job posting websites, or even video calls.

This lifts the weight off your shoulders, knowing you don’t need to set aside 30-50 minutes of your busy day for an initial phone call or in-person interview for someone who might not even be right for the job.

Advantage 5.

Bigger Pool Of Talent To Choose From.

 Good talent is harder than ever to come by these days, not to mention finding an applicant that can back up their claims with actual qualifications in healthcare.

So why make it even harder for yourself and limit your search?

If you want to increase your chances of finding your perfect applicant, you need to start living in the world of today and embrace online job recruitment methods. Not only are you able to contact job seekers all over the world, but you’re also able to screen applicants, so you can short list qualified people as well as applicants that fit in line with what your organisation is about.


Overall, the advantages of advertising healthcare vacancies online on a specific job platform are endless and far exceed the popularity of generic job platforms in 2017 – and will continue to do so.

You can advertise your healthcare job vacancy to attract the right candidates with the skills and qualifications you desire. It’s easy, gives you a larger pool of applicants, and costs far less. You’ll also save time and money and speed up the entire healthcare recruitment process.

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