5 powerful reasons for advertising your medical jobs on MedHire

By Marama Montgomery
Advertising Medical Jobs - Medhire

As a former medical recruiter, I know how frustrating it can be when you fail to find some genuine potential healthcare, medical and dental candidates for the specific roles you are seeking to fill.

Appreciating that, here are the five key reasons why MedHire can work for and with you to alleviate such problems…

1) MedHire is the only country and healthcare job-specific search engine, now in its sixth year of operation, that is solely targeted to and for the medical and dental professions. This eases the frustrations of those seeking positions, who otherwise have to navigate their way through generic searches, yet for such a specific set of jobs. For those seeking to employ them, MedHire delivers potential candidates without the wastage of other job search engine alternatives.

2) Your job ads will be viewed by over 30,000 professional medical job seekers every month. These range from those seeking a first job, to the more experienced searching for a new work environment or enhanced career prospects. Our depth and reach of visitors mean that we attract both active job seekers and those passively considering future possibilities.

3) You can quickly list the jobs you wish to fill using one of our easy-to-operate, self-managed job posting Listing Packages through our MedHire dashboard. This allows you to receive a flow of candidates direct to your email, and to effectively manage your responses.

4) To meet specific recruitment targets or objectives, you might prefer one of our highly-experienced specialists to work with you to craft a custom-built and clearly targeted campaign, over a period, to reach key groups within the healthcare, medical or dental professions, across both Australia and New Zealand. Such ads can also appear on our Facebook and LinkedIn portals and medical related groups.

5) Advertising your vacancies with MedHire is cost-effective: you’re investing to reach industry-specific target groups rather than paying for a generic, and largely unneeded, audience. Your ads with MedHire are instantly and clearly viewable across desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile devices, allowing for swift responses from potential candidates.

Five powerful reasons but to one end: to effectively deliver the type of candidates you wish to fill your medical, dental and healthcare industry vacancies.

Let our experienced MedHire Healthcare Job Search Engine team help you in achieving this goal effectively

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